Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

Crosstown Parkway superstreet: Accident waiting to happen or solution to traffic jams?


PORT ST. LUCIE — Traffic experts hail the city’s future superstreet as a silver bullet for clogged roadways and dangerous intersections, but some Port St. Lucie motorists unfamiliar with the seemingly complicated traffic pattern usually shudder at its mere mention.

Port St. Lucie will have Florida’s first superstreet intersection — also known as a “restricted-crossing U-turn intersection” — at Crosstown Parkway and Floresta Drive when the $150 million Crosstown Parkway extension project is completed, sometime in 2018 or 2019.

Drivers on Floresta won’t be able to cross the parkway or turn left. Instead, northbound drivers would be forced to turn right onto the parkway and make a quick U-turn before either turning north or continuing west to Interstate 95. Southbound motorists would turn right onto westbound Crosstown before making a U-turn back to Floresta or continuing eastbound.

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