Wednesday, Apr 08, 2020

Platts Creek Compensatory Mitigation

Project Manager:
Frank Knott
(772) 344-4290

American Consulting Engineers

CEI Services:
CAPTEC Engineering

Blue Goose Construction

Project is complete

Sunrise north of Midway Road

The Platts Creek Compensatory Mitigation (PCCM) project scope of work included the construction of 47.87 acre of wetland mitigation within a 102-acre parcel. The proposed mitigation area was a joint effort between St. Lucie County and the City of Port St. Lucie. The City used credits associated with half of the site towards the regulatory wetland mitigation required for the Crosstown Parkway Extension project. The County will use the remaining credits towards future projects with unavoidable wetland impacts. The proposed mitigation activities within the PCCM include the following: 13.54 acres of Hydric Hammock 23.10 acres of Depression Marsh, and 12.70 acres of Floodplain Swamp. In addition, two Mesic Flatwoods areas, totaling 13.65 acres, will be provided as a buffer between the mitigation site and the stormwater facility, development to the north and Sunrise Boulevard.

Project is complete.