Wednesday, Apr 08, 2020

New Configuration at the Floresta Intersection Starting September 28, 2019


Facts about the New Configuration:

  • U-turns are located approximately 800 feet from the signal at Floresta
  • U-turns are signalized with equipment to detect vehicles waiting to make a U-turn onto Crosstown
  • Additional turning space added at the U-turn for large vehicles, trailers and other motorist needing extra turning room
  • Right turns on red will be allowed from Floresta turning onto Crosstown from the right lane only
  • Signals and signage are in place to help maneuver traffic through the intersection

Benefits of the New Configuration include:

  • Improving travel time and reducing delays
  • Improving safety by reducing drive conflict points by 56 percent
  • Reducing pedestrian conflict points by 67 percent
  • Fewer, less severe crashes
  • Large median refuge island for pedestrians
  • Eliminated conflict between pedestrians and left-turning vehicles

Traveling East to US Highway 1 or West to I-95 on Crosstown Parkway

Traveling Southbound on Floresta Drive to Port St. Lucie Boulevard or US 1

Traveling North on Floresta Drive to Prima Vista Boulevard or West to I-95

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