Monday, Jun 01, 2020

Weekly Nighttime Deck Pours Start on the Crosstown Parkway Extension Project


PORT ST. LUCIE – The City’s contractor is making every effort to minimize the impacts that nearby residents will experience due to necessary, upcoming nighttime construction on the Crosstown Parkway Extension bridge project.

Nighttime construction is anticipated for a period of 8 months while the contractor pours concrete for the massive bridge decks on the Crosstown Parkway Extension. The nighttime work is expected to begin Tuesday, March 13, 2018 on the west end of the bridge in the vicinity of Coral Reef Street in Port St. Lucie, weather permitting. The work is anticipated to begin at 6 p.m. and end at 3 a.m. to pour the concrete decks. Nighttime deck activities will continue on the average of one night every 7 to 10 days moving from west to east across the waterway. There are a total of 31 deck pours scheduled for this project. Out of the 31 deck pours, 16 will be poured from the west side of the project and 15 will be poured from U.S. Highway 1.

“Nighttime is the best time to complete large pours like this because the temperatures are cooler and humidity is lower. It also avoids other potential impacts with truck deliveries and scheduling,” Port St. Lucie City Manager Russ Blackburn said. “The contractor anticipates some impacts to neighbors, especially for the pours located on the furthest west side of the bridge, and is working to minimize those impacts as much as possible. As the contractor moves further east, the impacts will lessen significantly.”

The work of pouring the bridge decks is a major milestone for the City of Port St. Lucie’s $87.6 million project. Decks are typically poured during nighttime hours due to weather conditions including air temperature, wind speed and humidity to ensure the quality of the riding surface and prevent cracking. The activities include setting up equipment; approximately 45 truckloads of delivered concrete; pouring the concrete; finishing the concrete and placing curing blankets over the deck. The concrete will be poured by a pump truck, a machine called a bidwell will finish the concrete. After the concrete is poured, it will set within two to four hours but will need to be wet cured for seven days; during this process water will be sprayed onto blankets that will be used to keep the water from evaporating.

Anticipated impacts can typically include noise from the truck engines, generators and back up truck alarms as well as lighting needed to perform nighttime activities. The contractor is working to minimize impacts to the nearby residents during the nighttime deck pours. The contractor is provided a truck staging area to prevent the amount of time the trucks will turn around using back up alarms. The contractor is providing a large team to complete the necessary operation and will utilize quiet generators to help reduce noise. The contractor also has a lighting plan in place to avoid shining light into the neighborhood and preserve.

The Crosstown Parkway Extension Project will connect the existing Crosstown Parkway with U.S. Highway 1 at Village Green Drive. The project will provide numerous benefits to the community, including providing traffic congestion relief from Port St. Lucie and Prima Vista Boulevards and a new emergency evacuation route. Project completion is anticipated in Fall 2019.

For more information, please contact Beth Zsoka, Crosstown Parkway Extension Project Public Information Officer by email at or phone at 772-871-5176 or Sarah Prohaska, City of Port St. Lucie Public Information Officer at or 772-873-6326.

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